Change the way you shred with Shred-Logix

Be Ultra Responsive

Shred-Logix is 100% online so you can access information anytime, anywhere on any device through your web browser

Exclusively for Shredding

Shred-Logix was built exclusively for the shredding and records storage industry.  It's not some other application rebranded or a generic service application forced to into the shredding world.  Shred-Logix has shredding DNA, it speaks SHRED, not undertones of logistics, waste hauling, landscaping or plumbing.

Easier Customer Management

As your business grows, some tasks get very hard to manage.  Shred-Logix helps you easily manage monthly verses immediately invoices, whether they should be emailed or send snail mail.  How do you manage your multiple auto-pay customers?  Store credit cards in Shred-Logix then charge cards and send receipts in two clicks.  You sent a customer an account statement to get get paid, now they want copies of the invoices.  Shred-Logix provides links to invoice copies embedded right into the statement so the customer can download them without your involvement.

Shred-Logix has Super Powers

Shred-Logix has powerful integrations and a robust technology stack such as automatic sync capability with QuickBooks Online, online credit card processing with Stripe, route building with GoogleMaps and HERE Technologies, email and text notifications with Twillio and SendGrid. 

Wishes Fulfilled Magically

Do you wish your entire business could operate in the confines of one application?  Shred-Logix is a complete solution for your entire business process.  From an inbound lead, sending proposals, managing customers, building routes, sending invoices, collecting payments and even creating deposits for your bank.

Propel's Shred-Logix Community

There's a community building around Shred-Logix.  Like minded shredding professionals are helping each other every day by creating new opportunities and innovative solutions to the demanding shredding industry.

Digital Marketing

PROPEL ADVANTAGE offers comprehensive digital marketing services tailored to help your shredding business thrive.  With our deep understanding of he shredding industry, coupled with the power of our Shred-Logix app, we're uniquely positioned to propel your business forward. Through targeted strategies and data-driven insights, we can reach past customers, re-engage lost opportunities, upsell to existing clients, and much more. Whether it's through precision advertising strategic email campaigns, or impactful social media outreach, we're dedicated to maximizing your business' growth and success

Web Site Services

While you probably have a company website, maybe it needs a refresh, enhanced capability such as contact forms that automatically populate leads into Shred-Logix, or simply new content.  We create, refresh and maintain several sites in the industry.  Let our experience and expertise set you apart from the rest.

Social Media Management

Let Propel Advantage be your social media team.  We can set up your online profiles, manage company posts and buy online ads specifically targeting an audience within your service area. 

Email Campaigns

Whether you're a shredding company looking to promote new services, nurture leads, or re-engage past customers, our email marketing services are designed to help you achieve your goals effectively and efficiently.  Let us help you elevate your marketing efforts and drive success in the shredding industry. 

Video/Podcast Creation

Propel Advantage can help your shredding business with compelling video and podcast content! From concept to distribution, we handle every aspect, ensuring high-quality content that resonates with your audience. Whether showcasing services, educating on industry trends, or engaging through interviews, let us bring your brand to life with captivating visual and audio content.

Pay-Per-Click Management

Propel Advantage specializes in tailored pay-per-click (PPC) management for shredding industry clients. Our expert team crafts targeted campaigns to drive qualified leads and maximize ROI. From keyword research to ad optimization, we handle every aspect to ensure optimal results. Let us streamline your PPC advertising and deliver measurable success for your shredding business.

Custom Branded Merchandise

Whether you're looking to boost team morale or leave a lasting impression on your clients, our range of branded merchandise options can help you achieve your goals. From apparel to accessories and promotional items, we'll work with you to create high-quality, customized products that reflect your brand identity and leave a lasting impression. Let us help you elevate your brand presence and strengthen relationships with your team and clients through personalized merchandise solutions.

Introducing Episode #1 of SHRED HEADS - our series where The Propel Advantage's John Irvine and Criss Frost hit the road to explore the tightly-knit community of document shredding professionals.

In our premier episode, we visit Bill Burnham, President and Owner of Protect-N-Shred, Inc. as he and his team member, Chad, share an inside look at the industry that serves businesses, organizations, and individuals who urgently need to dispose of paper documents securely, protecting against threats like identity theft and corporate espionage

Our Team

Together, We Propel.

Criss Frost

Founder, Tech Director

Criss is a seasoned leader with expertise in business processes, operations, and technology across diverse industries, including manufacturing, distribution, finance, field service, and customer support.  He began his career at Ford Motor Company, then moved to Visteon and later Cequent Towing Products, where he lead Information Technology during several company acquisitions.  In 2006, he founded ShredCorp, a document shredding company with over 4000 clients which he sold in 2014.  Currently, Criss is a key member of the Propel Advantage team, focusing on the development of technical solutions.

John Irvine

Director, Customer Relationships

With 30+ years of advertising experience, John is a seasoned C-suite Digital Sales Professional known for guiding brands to success. While the digital marketplace can seem automated and transactional, John is in the 'people business', maintaining a human-to-human consulting approach. and dedication to understanding clients' unique objectives. Outside work, he's an active family man, church leader, and advocate for social causes, particularly as a member of The Alliance for Ending The Fatherless Epidemic.

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